There are several homemade recipes to help deter pests from your garden. Like fungicide recipes, most pesticide ingredients are common
There are a handful of safe fungicide treatments that can be made from using household ingredients.  Avoid applying any fungicide
Rainwater collection has many benefits from reducing your utility bills during rainy periods while helping offset the cost during dry
An easy way to integrate livestock into your garden is to add poultry, specifically ducks and chickens. Both chickens and
Green water infrastructure refers to using practices that mimic natural systems to manage stormwater runoff. Having green infrastructure in place
While the land of the midnight sun is known for many wonderful things, melon production is not one of them.
Rotational grazing is the process of dividing your pasture into sections and rotating your livestock to graze smaller sections over
Soil health management principles focus on four major categories: minimize soil disturbance, increase soil cover, maximize living roots, and increase
The knowledge behind AskAggie is hitting the road and wanting to visit you. Alaska Village Initiatives has been awarded a
Gardening and farming in Alaska can be a tricky task at times, and you have been able to use Ask
When it comes to growing a garden, crop rotation can be a great tool to keeping your vegetables and soil
For vegetable gardening, knowing what plants are in the same family can help you rotate crops, manage pests and disease,
Lynn Anderson may have never promised you a rose garden, but growing one in Alaska can be a great addition
As warm-ups happen and break-up season starts getting into the swing of things, planting can seem like it should be
Houseplants may need to be repotted. This happens when they outgrow their current pot, you are propagating the plants, or
Anyone can grow healthy houseplants by knowing the basics of plant care. It is important to know what type of
A soil block is a cube of a soil mixture and water that is compressed into a mold forming a
Keeping the garden a manageable and enjoyable place to grow and eat from can be an overwhelming task or one
The business of hay in Alaska has been an interesting one since the beginning, as we struggle with short seasons,
When it comes to germination, following certain steps can help ensure your success. Before planting seeds, you need to make
Have you been diligently collecting your compostable waste this winter and are starting to question whether or not you will
When it comes to choosing any variety of crop it is important to find one that has been proven to
For many folks, gardening is a mental health necessity as it helps with the stress and anxiety of their lives,
Starting seeds indoors requires planning to get the most of your growing season. Before you know when to start planting
As you peruse the seed selection at your local garden section in the big box store you might think that
While a lot of us cannot grow plants in the winter, it is important to not forget about the growing
Let's make a resolution that you will want to keep up with the whole year through. It will pair with
When considering livestock, do not underestimate the power of having a livestock guardian animal. While dogs are very common livestock
We all now that reddish-orange 'wall' in the garden center that overwhelms the prettier pots selection in terms of price
Are you keeping rabbits for the season as either pet or for profit? Then making sure that they survive the
Turkeys tend to be fairly winter hardy birds to raise and do well in the snow to a certain degree,
After you have had that beautiful potted arrangement out all summer and the season has turned, you may wonder how
When your hens first start laying eggs, do not be alarmed if the eggs are small, soft, or irregular (no
If you are planning on getting chickens with the hopes of fresh eggs, it is important to understand how egg
Now that the holiday shopping spree has lightened many of our wallets it might be a great inspiration for many
When you are planning out you holiday decorations the tree tends to the focal point of the design and often
As the holiday season has joined us yet again, we often want to keep those flavors for later times and
Frozen watertanks or troughs can be the headace of any cold area farmer or even pet owner and getting scalded
With so many types of hay, it is important to know which hay has the best nutritional content for your
When canning, it becomes a vital element to save time and ensure you fully utilize you canner space with each
Have your berries out grown their container? Are they to close to a now needed area in the garden? just
Nematodes are non-segmented worms typically 1/500 of an inch (50 µm) in diameter and 1/20 of an inch (1 mm)
Whether you carved them, painted them, or just sat them outside, you might feel it is time to toss your
There tends to be a debate often held by those who enjoy to spruce up their yards as to wither
When you suspect that you might have a nematode infestation plant roots will be were you will want to check
Over the winter months when livestock cannot eat fresh pasture, their diet must be supplemented. Hays is the feed source
As you begin harvesting your potatoes, you might notice your potatoes have blemishes. Potato scab is a common disease in
Looking for a lower maintenance lawn, but still want that great green coverage? Dealing with a drought but hate dried
We have had the dust hit the ground and the weather frost the windows, which means it is past time
4-H is one of the largest youth organizations across the United States. 4-H is a youth development program found in
Have you been hard at work selling all those wonderful hand raised veggies, meats, and berries? Did you can and
Have you enjoyed a wonderfully crisp radish from the garden and are now in love with having them around the
As potatoes are being harvested, it is important to know how to store them for long term. Before you can
Considered a staple in many households, garlic is a crop that can grow throughout parts of Alaska. When growing garlic
With the on slot of rain we have been getting here recently on Southcentral Alaska, many of us might be
Why test? Anyone who uses a pressure canner for food preservation needs to get their gauge tested for safety each
Have you been noticing some skin issues on your animals? Are they experiencing hair loss, red spots, crusty or scaly
alaska pumpkin
Alaska: home of the midnight sun, soaring mountains, long winters, and GIANT PUMPKINS. This year the competition was fierce as
To answer this question is with the standard response when addressing the whole of Alaska, it depends. To go further
It is that time of year as we start to see the dust on the mountains and mornings get crisper
For many growers in Alaska one of the largest costs we run into is transportation, which often leads to many
What is Mulch? Mulch is a general term for any material placed on the surface of soil. In a typical garden
You might notice a lot of flowers on your squash plants and think you are going to end up with
This well-known time keeper for when snow will begin is what can show if you are a Sourdough or not.
Have some extra's from this last seasons harvest and you want to try your hand at making a specialty flour?
What is Mariculture? Mariculture has been defined as the cultivation, management, and harvesting of marine organisms in their natural environment
Options to get the Piggy to Market Have you been raising your livestock with all the care in the world
Have you experienced the disappointment of pulling a radish or carrot out of the ground and finding it to be
What is a Cover Crop? Cover Crops are a tool many growers use to do soil improvements and help out
You always hear that you should water your plants an inch of water a week, but what does that actually
Ever been to a pumpkin patch? Picked flowers straight from the garden? Payed to visit some farm animals? Then you
Looking to add some options to your land and expand into the world of husbandry? Livestock can be a great
Have you been given the gift of caring by a gardening friend? Also, known as handed a stick with some
One day you see your tomatoes are looking healthy and the next day you come outside and your tomatoes are
Root maggots are one of the most common garden pests in Alaska. They are major pests of most crucifer crops,
The Store Outside Your Door webisode series highlights traditional foods from around the state. Each webisode takes you out to
We all know that plants need light in order to grow, but too much sun can be harmful. When it
set up trellis
Trellises are a device used to help support climbing plants that otherwise cannot support themselves or do better when given
Been hibernating a little longer this year? Wanting to still garden even when the supposed "deadline" has passed? Started to
watering plants
Balancing what nature gives you and what you might need to add can be every growers constant struggle, especially when
Most flowering plants depend on bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other animals for pollination. Pollination is an essential part of plant
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance.
landscape garden
Looking to grow your own food, but also beautify your yard? Plan a garden that can do both with a
Are you new to growing? What to know how to start a garden or farm in Alaska? Need a refresher
FM with veggies
As things warm up and the growing season kicks off, its time to start knowing where you can buy local
equipment rent
As we know when it comes to growing, tools and equipment can be the world of difference between a sore
Interested in getting into some farm land? What to break ground on a new homestead? Needing some space to grow
Potatoes are a popular crop for several reasons- they store longer, they have a high yield per square foot, and
The best way to avoid a heavy invasion of weeds in your garden is by trying to prevent them early
fixing soil wood ash
Gotten a soil test done and now need to make some changes? Here are a few methods and thoughts to
Alaska farm land
If you are looking to purchase some land in Alaska for farming, these are some resources to look over when
splitting plants
Splitting a plant is a task typically done on perennials who start to show signs of needing it to be
The following bio-safety guidelines are effective methods for safeguarding commercial operations and smaller flocks: Backyard flock owners should practice strict
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has officially been confirmed in Alaska. Avian influenza viruses are classified as either “low pathogenic
The Alaska Food Policy Council wants organizations and individuals to please join its Alaska Food System Network map. It only takes a few minutes
cropped invasive logo
What to help out this summer and make sure Alaska is thriving? Help out by making sure you know your
Direct sowing is when you plant seeds into the soil to germinate. In Alaska, our soil tends to take longer
HARVESTING AND ID TIPS  1. The ferns should still be tightly coiled, you do not want to pick or eat any
Hardening off plants is a method to gradually exposing plants started indoors to outdoor growing conditions. Think of it this
spruce tip tea
According to Beverley Gray of "The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North," spruce tips can be
FM with veggies
As things warm up and the growing season kicks off, its time to start knowing where you can buy local
Now that we have covered basics of creating raised beds, let's explore some of the design considerations. Ideally, we want
seed bombs
When it comes to planting, seeds come in all shapes and sizes, which can mean that planting sometimes can make
seed tape
Need to play with your seeds before its time to plant? Have a hard time working with those overly small
Seed Questions
So, the lure of the gardening department overwhelmed you last trip and you now have more seeds than you can
testing seeds
Seeds, those little things we love to buy, grow, store, and forget we ever had that particular packet until we
sialge tarp
Weeds, the bane of any gardener or farmers growing season. There are several different mitigation plans you can utilize from
gardening tunnels
As you look into extending out that growing season and start the exploration of different options, one you may come
Thinking of using raised beds in your garden this year? Raised beds have become a common practice in gardening for
seedling trees
As we gear up for the growing season, gathering everything for our gardens and farms, we might want to spare
sheep cute
Waste not, want not as the old saying goes, and in agriculture there is always new ways of ensuring the
seed starts
It is that time of year again to question if your just tired of winter and wanting to grow new
The Division of Agriculture is currently accepting applications for their Microgrants for Food Security Program. The applications are being accepted
garden icon list
ITS ALMOST GROW TIME!! Alright, Alaska has given the warning flag that the final lap of winter is making its
red cup on mountain
When its cold out it warms you up, when its warm out it cools you down, and when you just
As the garden section in the store starts to fill up, the drive to grow things in dirt might be
cartoon garden
Succession gardening, also known as second planting at times, is a garden planning method to gain the most out of
If you are looking to order chickens in Alaska, there are several options that you can do. Depending on your
Cow eat turnips
Alaska can be a land of challenges when it comes to many aspects of life and feeding animals can be
Data Ak
As we have experienced and heard from all the old Sour Doughs, Alaska is changing. From winters with no snow
Close Nenana
"The Nenana-Totchaket Agricultural Project brings to Alaska the hope of additional food security from its own soil. This project is
Farm map
As many Alaskans know there are several things Alaska is renowned for that we celebrate with pride about whenever we
From 2017 to 2022 there has been a growth of new and old farmers to Alaska and we want to
old pages
For those getting ideas ready and have that green thumb ready to go here are some dates to keep an
An important question to ask yourself before buying chickens is do you want eggs, meat, or both? Breeds of chickens
Alaska Village Initiatives (AVI) has received an Outreach and Assistance grant focusing on Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers. The Office
snow trees in Ak
As we enjoy the winter season and get outside as much as we can, green is a color we can
selling xmas trees
When it comes to bringing a live tree inside for the holiday season, do you worry that your tree will
raising turkeys
Looking to offset next year's Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, by raising your own turkey rather than run the risk of
plants in window
Ask Aggie: I grew so many veggies over the summer, but I want to keep that going this winter without
Dome greenhouse of Tlingit and Haida
The development and creation of a dome shaped greenhouse has been completed by Tlingit & Haida in Juneau this summer,
Sock covered trees
Here are a few of the things you can do over the course of winter to make sure next spring
Dried up plants in old style tool basket
Overall the goal will be to cover, shelter, and insulate your plants because even though they might be cold weather
Routine soil testing is the foundation of any successful soil fertility program. Without knowing the nutrient levels and soil pH
There is no kale more sweet or tender than this heirloom, which is also known as Ragged Jack because of
Field trial at the Plant Materials Center seeks answers to cover cropping and no-till on the Last Frontier. Compared to
NRCS worked directly with three private landowner entities, the Hoonah Indian Association (a Federally recognized Tribe), Sealaska (Southeast Alaska's Regional
High Tunnels provide an intermediate level of environmental protection and control compared to open field conditions and heated greenhouses. They
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