While the land of the midnight sun is known for many wonderful things, melon production is not one of them. Saying that, though, does not mean that people don’t try it out, and some even to large successes. In 2015 the community garden in the village of Tyonek grew a crop of 60 lbs of watermelons from seeds in their two high tunnels. Meanwhile, a record was set in 2004 by an Alaskan-grown cantaloupe that weighed in at 64.8 lbs at the Palmer, Alaska State Fair. Growing melon in the garden in Alaska is an adventurous task only Alaska gardeners would be willing to take on and try, finding a way that defies expectations.

What to know to try on your own

If you are wanting to unlock the hardcore mode in gardening this year in Alaska, it will be good to keep some of this in mind. Also, while these might help you get to a harvest, often, the weather is what really seals the deal, and that is not something AskAggie can guarantee.


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