The development and creation of a dome shaped greenhouse has been completed by Tlingit & Haida in Juneau this summer, highlighting the innovation needed in ensuring agricultural production in Alaska. This greenhouse was designed by a greenhouse design company known as Growing Spaces based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Working with the Tlingit & Haida group this project came to fruition with a goal of developing a community garden and building food sovereignty, taking only about a week to complete construction. Projects such as these give great insight into the options outside of the standard expected protocols for growing in Alaska and what is being done to develop agriculture that works with the Alaskan people and weather. The dome shape was utilized to take advantage of solar panels on top and to handle the high wind levels found in the Juneau area. Funding was provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and a planning grant from the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF).


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