Ask Aggie: I grew so many veggies over the summer, but I want to keep that going this winter without having to invest in a large outdoor operation. What can I do inside my house to keep veggies on the table?

As we have winterized the gardens and packed away the tools, we can keep the growing going over the winter depending on space and interest you have. For growing inside, the basic needs will be the same as outside, with a bit of extra planning. The two main options are to either purchase an indoor grow kit, such as an AeroGarden, or utilize your window space and grow in some pots. The benefit of the grow kit is that it has all the parts and pieces, it ensures growth, and they can be set up almost anywhere in the house. Downside, is the price and often limitations on what you can grow. Window sill gardening requires just four things and can often be started using gardening supplies you already have. It requires: light, space, containers, and maintenance. Largest factor will be the amount of light accessible by the window you choose, if there is not enough sunlight accessing the window for the plants you might need to supplement with artificial grow lights to keep them growing. You will also need to make sure your window is draft free and you can maintain a steady temperature in the area where the plants are growing. Now, you can plan out what you’re growing and how much room the containers to grow them in will take up. You can utilize almost anything as a container to grow it, but you will need to ensure that they have good drainage which you can obtain by adding a rock layer to the bottom of the container. Make sure that your container can deal with the fully grown plant and is large enough to ensure unrestricted growth. Once you have your containers and plants picked out it’s time for your soil and making sure you have plenty of organic material in it. You can use the standard potting soil, which works very well for window sill gardens, or mix in your own compost. (Potting soil options for different kinds of plants.) Once set up, it will come down to your watering and maintenance needs for your plants for success. Ensure that your plants are up and away from any pets, pests, or small helpful hands that could find them to be an interesting place to play.

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