Overall the goal will be to cover, shelter, and insulate your plants because even though they might be cold weather hardy it is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind that for whatever USDA cold hardiness zone you might be in, if they are grown in potted plants need to be rates 2 cold hardiness zones below that. So, if you’re in the cold hardiness zone of 4 the plants need to be ranked as a 2. There is the option to bring inside the house as long as you are able to provide it ample light and humidity. This option though is for plants such as small fruit trees or others that you want to have continued growth on. This is not for plants that require a winter dieback or dormancy period, which should not be brought in, however can be stored in the garage if unable to plant in the ground before frost. If stored in the garage, maintain temperatures between 45⁰F and 60⁰F with a light cloth covering to block any light that could wake them up. Let the pots dry, but do mist with water, once or twice a week after about a month or so of them being dormant.

Here are a couple of the best resources to answer that question that I find fits many of the questions involved in ensuring that your plants survive the winter. 

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