There is no kale more sweet or tender than this heirloom, which is also known as Ragged Jack because of the zig-zag shape of the leaf edges. It matures in as little as 60 days and is one of the most cold-hardy greens available (along with the closely related Siberian kale). The purple, red and green tones of the foliage grow more vivid as the weather cools. Harvest the baby kale after 30 days for a nutrient-packed – and colorful – addition to salads.

Plants are 24 to 36 inches tall. Oak-shaped, gray-green, toothed leaves with deep-purple veins and stems. Very tender leaves turn dark green when cooked. Harvest baby greens at 25 days. About 50-60 days to maturity. Also known as ‘Ragged Jack’ and ‘Russian Red’.


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