If you are looking to purchase some land in Alaska for farming, these are some resources to look over when wanting to purchase state land. Currently, the State of Alaska has been developing programs that would further encourage the agriculture development in the state, such as the Nenana-Tolchaket Land sale project.

The goal is to make agricultural land available in a range of parcel sizes as dictated by regional and local demand for land sales, leases, and permits as funding allows.

An inventory of unsold lands classified for agriculture is maintained for future sales. Prior to offering land for sale, the Agricultural Land and Contract Management Section reviews parcels for legal survey and status, provides for appraisal, conducts Title 38.945 notice, formulates terms and conditions of sale, and prepare land sale and lease contracts. After sale or lease, this section monitors contract holders for compliance with their contractual requirements including farm conservation plans and development requirements annually.


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