Need to play with your seeds before its time to plant? Have a hard time working with those overly small seeds? Want to get your spacing between seeds perfect? Want to cut down on needing to thin later one once things start to grow? Try making some seed tape or seed mats at home. There are a few things to keep in mind when making these is that you want thin “Tape” materials so if you are making the long ribbon tape, use single-ply toilet paper or split a two-ply roll. If you are making it on a mate style, use thin napkins in a single layer to sandwich the seeds once they are placed between the single sheet layers. This can be a great family activity to get them into the growing mood and even a winter or rainy day busy work. Seed tapes are also a great way of storing seeds to be ready to use as soon as the last frost had gone by and can help organize you growing area.


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