If you are looking to order chickens in Alaska, there are several options that you can do. Depending on your location, some places do ship chicks. There are lots of options in the state for pick up. One thing to consider is the breed of chickens you are wishing to buy. The smaller the combs, the better suited they are for cold climates. Larger birds with thick feathers are going to be a safer choice for most of the climates in Alaska. Some breeds of chickens to note are Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, Australorp, Wyandotte, Langshan, Cochin, and Dominiques.

Alaska Mill & Feed has their annual Chick Days from February through June where you can custom order chicks on their website. These chicks are supplied by the local Polaris Poultry which is another option for ordering chicks and turkeys. Polaris Poultry offers home delivery in the Anchorage & Mat Su Valley areas. They also have shipping options for the Kenai Peninsula, which go to the Kenai Airport as well as to Homer. Polaris Poultry also ships to cities such as Fairbanks, North Pole, Salcha, Delta Junction. These orders can be picked up at the Alaska Air Cargo. Communities in the South East and Bush communities can also receive shipments from Polaris Poultry which are picked up at the local air cargo. In the Mat-Su area, another source for poultry is The Alaska Chickapalooza.

A general rule of thumb for ordering chicks is to go to your local mill & feed store for region specific information. In the Kenai area, the Kenai Feed Store has local chicks available for order. The Kenai Feed Store offers layers, meat producers, turkeys, game birds, waterfowls, and bantams. In Fairbanks, the Alaska Feed Co. also places orders for poultry including chicks (layers and meat), turkeys, ducks, guineas, and geese. Most orders will require a minimum amount for purchasing, so be aware of the amount needed to place an order as it varies by type of poultry and store you are ordering from. Be on the look out for a post on things to consider before starting poultry in Alaska!


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