As we gear up for the growing season, gathering everything for our gardens and farms, we might want to spare a little of that planting power for the trees. In the last few years we have had some hardships in our forests and have needed to clean them out near our home and our properties. Which for many has left a few more gaps then they would like and might want to look into planting a few saplings to help these areas out. Well, thanks to the Alaska SAF (Society of American Foresters), Cook Inlet Chapter, there is a chance to get in on six different species to be ordered through their order form found Here. This years orders are suspended at this moment to make sure they have their numbers correct from their suppliers. However, if you are interested in next years or any other update from them as to other programs they might be hosting to help improve our Alaskan forests please take a look around their website SAF.

If you are interested in any further information about the seedling sale, Please use the link below.


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