Trellises are a device used to help support climbing plants that otherwise cannot support themselves or do better when given the room that trellises provide rather than laying on the ground. Other types of supports can be known as pergola or arbors, which with small differences are still a form of support for plants to grow on in the garden. There are multitudes of different methods and designs you can use ranging from simple to advanced. Many trellis options can be purchased at your local plant store or can be DIY created with materials you might already have laying around. We want to show you some options that can give some inspiration to you gardening space and can be looked into for different plant needs. Here are some suggestions in each of the three categories, split mainly by cost and complexity.

Simple Trellis Ideas

Most of these will be best used for you lighter veggies and for those that you are needing to ensure easy reach for harvest. Most of these are on the smaller side and are refreshed after each year depending on the type of plant climbing on it.

Pole and Wire Trellis

“TeePee” Pole Bean Trellis

“Tent” Veggie Support

Two-Sided Garden Trellis

Mesh Trellis

Repurposed Curtain Rod Wall Trellis

Rustic “Spider Web” Wall Trellis

Wagon Wheel Trellis

Repurposed Garden Tool Trellis

Circular Stand-Alone Trellis

Bamboo Grid Trellis

Medium Trellis Ideas

Now, we are getting into the more decorative area of trellises as well as those with more lasting power as well as strength for gourds and other such crops. These ones are also able to serve more than one purpose as shading, fencing, or event space depending on size and your plans.

Wood Lattice Around Window

French Tuteur/Obelisk Trellis

Trellis Fence, 2 in 1

Artistic Welded Metal Trellis

Non-Square Trellis

Arched White/Arbor Trellis

Birch Tree Wedding Trellis

Simple Metal Trellis

Advanced Trellis Ideas

Cost and skills has jumped in this category, where heavy planning will be needed and anchoring will be vital. Often roses are a popular plant for these styles or other perennial that might also need heavy training to get them to follow these trellises.

Large Trellis Fence

Bamboo Garden Trellis/Simple Pergola

White Arched Wooden Trellis

Asymmetrical Wooden Trellis

Japanese Style Bamboo/Pergola

Antique Iron Trellis/Arbors

No matter what you choose, remember to allow yourself space to trim, train, and grow with the trellis. Also, don’t expect to have a perfectly filled in trellis right off the bat or even in the first few years, this is a slow growing process that is meant to maintain the plants and give them room to really bloom.



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