Alaska Farmers Markets Toolkit

Do you sell with at your local Farmers Market? Are you operating one in your area and need some help? Would you just like to know more about the local food buying options in you area?

Check out the new tools available for all you market questions created by Alaska Farmers Markets Association. They are debuting a great new list of tools that can help both established markets and those looking to create one in their area. This is also a toolkit for those who do CSAs, accept food assistance programs, and much more. This is a living document which will have updated and additions as they continue to create and understand the needs of those who sell what they grow. If you are interested in developing a market, getting a hard copy of the toolkit (there are limited amounts available, you can print from the online version), or just wanting to ask questions please email

To access the toolkit, please follow this link:

Below is an informational webinar hosted by the team at Alaska Farmers Markets Association covering all the questions you could have on it. Also, there is the walk through on how to accept food assistance to purchase fresh veggies.